Khan Inspiring Creativity Project

Khan Inspiring Creativity Project is the Students-led International Organization working for the promotion of Quality Education and Scientific Innovation on undergraduate level.

Our vision and creativity can be seen in the Innovation Cell of Khan Inspiring Creativity Project.

Khan Group (Innovation Cell) is an independent plateform which only inspires and promotes students and it is unique because its approach is not like a typical Business Group.

You will see something new in the Khan Group In Sha Allah.................Founder & Chairman KHAN Group

Our mission for the Global Peace


Khan Inspiring Creativity Project selects its ambassadors under this program and all the ambassador of Khan Inspiring Creativity Project are just our Peace representatives as we believe in International Collaboration.

They have no official authority to represent Khan Group and announce an independent program or project on behalf of Khan Inspiring Creativity Project.

Nominate an International student for the Khan Peace Ambassador Program. The nomination form should be filled by the Nominator and membership form by the student. Send your nomination and student membership form to

This is a gift certificate for the Nominators of Khan Peace Ambassador Program

We are the Proud Ambassadors for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are currently working on the World Order Map (The Platinum Project of Khan Inspiring Creativity Project). Once completed we will share our research with the World FREE of cost as a gift to Humanity.
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