International Relaxation Complex

International Relaxation Complex is the mega project of International Challenge Solving Society at Khan Inspiring Creativity Project.

Our mission is to provide a unique platform for the challenge solvers of humanity to achieve a Bright World full of true satisfaction.

I.R Complex uses the principles of Psychology to program the minds of the next generations and edit the Psychology of the current youth in order to prepare them for the defense of their mind control from manipulators.

Our Mission Statement

"Converting Imagination into reality"

Our Current Goal

Our current goal is to design a perfect Model for the World Order

Want to Join Us

Only members of the International Challenge Solving Society are eligible to join I.R Complex and participate in its missions.

Become a member

Membership of the International Challenge Solving Society is FREE.

Partner with Us

I.R Complex believes in collaboration, not in competition that’s why I.R Complex warmly welcomes the interested organizations for Collaboration.

For partnership contact the Chairman at