Kifayat Ullah is the student of Clinical Medicine in China. His eventual career goal is to become a fully-qualified and experienced Medical doctor and Neuroscientist.

Professional areas of interest are Psychology, Neuroscience and Nutritional Medicine.

Personal interests are Creative thinking, Solving challenges and Team leadership.

"Khan Inspiring Creativity Project is the Ambassador organization for Love, Peace and Satisfaction (Mind & Soul) in this beautiful World"


Founder's Message

By the grace of my great Allah Almighty, I am feeling proud to say that this project is the brilliant creation of my great Islamic Republic of Pakistan and now it is leading the youth to achieve a Bright World (Vision 2030 United Nations).

This project is an International independent project and not bound to any country in this world.

Khan Inspiring Creativity Project wants to promote Love, Peace, and satisfaction in this beautiful World. The mission of this project is to defeat the current and future great challenges to humanity by inspiring creativity in youth.              

We warmly welcome the young talent from all over the World to solve an International challenge with us.