AbayDBR Campaign

AbayDBR Campaign is a memorial Campaign of the International Challenge Solving Society. The word "Abay" is a traditional word used in the Pashto language for Grand Mother and DBR means Dr. Badshah Rahman the Great Grand Dad of KIFAYAT ULLAH the President of the International Challenge Solving Society.

His grandparent's death cause was Liver Cancer that's why this campaign deals with the Cancer and its progression in this World.

This campaign has started before the World Cancer Day on 31 January 2017.

During AbayDBR Campaign the International Challenge Solving Society invests its efforts to defeat the CANCER Progression.These efforts include introduction and awareness of Cancer, making the strategic plan and especially Undergraduate research in Cancer.


Prevention is better than Cure


Collecting and Implementing the Creative ideas to defeat the progression of Cancer.

How To Participate

If you have a unique strategic plan to aware or prevent the humanity from this challenge you are warmly invited by AbayDBR Campaign.

For participation please download the publication form and send it along with your idea to brittlestar123@gmail.com

Give the mentioned subject to your email:     "Participation in AbayDBR Campaign"

Accepted work will be published on this website at Medical Creativity Page.
Participants will receive two free certificates via email, Certificate of Publication from Khan Inspiring Creativity Project and Certificate of participation from AbayDBR Campaign.