Khan Inspiring Creativity Project is a student-led International organization for undergraduate students with the following services:

1) Enables young creative students for professional creativity.
2) Connects undergraduate students across the Globe.
3) Inspires leadership in youth by giving them a chance to participate actively in the betterment of their local and Global community.
4) Provides a 100% free publication services and free certificate of publication.
5) Invests its efforts in the emerging talent of the world by encouraging and recognizing it.
6) Inspires research attitudes in youth.

Our working style is "Collecting and Implementing creative ideas to solve the real-life problems in the shortest possible time".

Our vision is to make such a platform in which every student can try new ideas to solve a Local and Global challenge to humanity as we believe that every one has a God gifted talent and it needs to be encouraged and recognized in order to be used for the betterment of Humanity.

Membership in Khan Inspiring Creativity Project is FREE for all and every student can join us regardless of his/her Nationality and Religion.

*AbayDBR Campaign (Cancer Prevention Campaign)
*Pakistan Medicine Bank (A small project to collect Free Medical Data and make it accessible for Medical students Free of cost)
*Khan Sports Society (A project to bring the students sports to the next level)
*Khan Peace Ambassador Program. (Global)
*World Order Map (The Platinum project of Khan Inspiring Creativity Project)
*Khan FREE Publication Program
*A 5 Minutes Class-in-Street Campaign Iran